Monstrous meat-eaters, humble herbivores and stealthy scavengers meet in the Dino Dome for the greatest race of all time. But there’s a catch: the landscape is never the same! From deserts and volcanoes to the deep sea and suburban streets… anything goes in the Dino Dome! Cheer on your favourite prehistoric predators while learning about their strengths, weaknesses and quirks in an action-packed Mesozoic mash-up of science fact and fiction.
Dino Dome is an ABC Kids listen podcast.
Hosts: Amanda Shalala, Tim Richards
Announcer: Sebastian Hogg
Fact checking: Tim ‘Factosaurus’ Richards
Written & Produced by: Samantha Turnbull, Soumia Bella
Sound design by: John Jacobs, Que Nguyen, Soumia Bella, Samantha Turnbull
Original music by: Vincent Goodyer
Senior Producer: Emma Gibbs
Animation and Illustration: Stephen Elliget